LED Lighting Upgrades Nowra

Reduce Your Electricity Consumption and Save
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LED Lighting Upgrades Nowra

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LED Lighting For Any Sector


Savings of up to 80% of lighting costs

Energy Savings

Not only will you save big on your lighting costs, but your building will run cooler using LEDs. This means that you will save even more on Air Conditioning costs.

 Return On Investment

With the help of Government rebates, you will get your electricity savings back anywhere from 6-months onwards. Then you can sit back and count your savings.


Huge rebates start from 30% to being completely free

LED Lighting can last over 50,000hrs

Low Maintenance

With the expanded lifetime of LED lighting there are fewer running and maintenance costs saving you annually.


When it comes to commercial lighting alternatives, here are 3 of the most common.

When you rely on incandescent lighting, you are choosing a light that uses 10 percent of the energy it consumes (at most) to make visible light. 

The remaining 90 percent is wasted on heat.

Similarly, halogen lights use only 20 percent to make visible light.

On the other hand, LED lighting uses 90 percent of its energy to produce light, losing only 10 percent as heat.

It’s easy to overlook how much your lighting can cost to run.

Depending on the type of lights you have, the money you can save can be staggering – especially if your workplace requires lighting 24/7.

To produce the same output of 720 lumens, for example, the approximate wattage required by each bulb is:

  • Incandescent – 60 watts
  • Halogen – 42 watts
  • LED – 12 watts

Now, if you multiply that by the number of lights you have and your usage rate, you’ll quickly notice a MASSIVE cost difference.

So if you’re using incandescent or halogen lights, you could be costing yourself THOUSANDS every year. In fact, these lights traditionally cost 80% more to run than LED bulbs.