Level 1 Accredited Service Provider

Level 1 Electrical Wollongong and Nowra

Connecting The Illawarra For 20 Years

D.Frame Electrical is a Level 1 accredited service provider for works on underground power cable distribution networks. Servicing the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Nowra regions, we are the region’s most trusted Level one accredited service provider.


Overhead electrical

Level 1 Electrical Services

  • Line Trench Work and Cabling

  • Line cabling and Jointing

  • Installation of Street lighting

  • Electrical Pillar and pit, installation and Removal

  • Redundant network asset removal

  • Supply and Installation of Generators

Underground Electrical




What is a Level 1 Electrician and When Do You Need One?

Level 1 Electricians specialize in power distribution networks and work associated with installing, maintaining, or repairing overhead and underground power cables close to a roadway. In other words, if you require construction work for your power distribution network, you should attain the services of a Level 1 Electrician. This may include erecting electric poles or digging trenches.

Why do you need to hire a Level 1 Electrician instead of a Level 2 Electrician ?

Level 1 Electricians are accredited to undertake construction work for power distribution networks, whereas Level 2 electricians are not. Therefore, by law, you must engage a Level 1 ASP any time there is construction work involved.

What do we offer?

D. Frame Electrical offers a range of quality, accredited Level 1 services for residential and commercial customers. We undertake trench excavations, redundant network removal, and cable jointings with nearby power lines - all done professionally at competitive prices.

What works are we authorised to carry out?

Class 1C – Work on underground electricity system networks.
This may include but is not limited to the excavations, laying of cables, laying of ducts, cable jointing, and substation construction.