What is Level 2 Electrical?
October 26, 2020
Level 2 Electrical Wollongong

What Is Level 2 Electrical?

A lot of people are uncertain about what the different levels of accreditation within the electrical services industry mean and what service providers can actually do. In this post, we look at Level 2 Electrical and the services they are qualified to provide to commercial, industrial and residential properties.

    Level 2 Electricians

    Difference between Level 1 and Level 2 Electrical

      The key distinction between a Level 1 Accredited Service Provider (ASP) and a Level 2 ASP is that the latter is qualified to carry out installations, repairs and maintenance work on service lines that run between a property (both business and residential) and the electrical supply network.

      This can include disconnection and reconnection of the electrical supply, working on underground and overhead service lines, upgrading of the power supply, and installing and connecting electrical meters. To ensure the safety and reliability of NSW’s power supply, only Accredited Service Providers (ASPs) operating under the ASP scheme can perform any work associated with the services listed above.

      As such, any time your residential, industrial or business property needs work that involves the electrical supply network – whether you’re upgrading, renovating, experiencing a power supply failure, or you’ve moved into a new building – you must, by law, engage a Level 2 ASP to carry out the work.

      At D.Frame Electrical, we offer a range of quality, accredited Level 2 services to residential, industrial and commercial customers, including: 3-phase incoming power supplies; incoming power supply connections, power supply upgrades, new main switchboards & metering requirements, underground mains and sub mains, distribution switchboards, power distribution and general installations.

      Level 2 Electrical Works That Are Authorised

      We are accredited to carry out the following:

      • Disconnection of your premises from the network (category 1);
      • Installation or repair of an underground service line that connects your premises to the electricity network (category 2);
      • Installation or repair of an overhead service line that connect your premises to the electricity network (category 3);
      • Installation and activation of an electricity meter at your premises (category 4).


      DFrame Electrical has you covered with our wide range of service offerings and excellent customer service, why would you go anywhere else?